Just keep swimming. I guess.

So I am a triathlete, yes.

But… Confession. I don’t really care for swimming. I mean. It is definitely my least favorite leg of the race.

When I signed up for my first triathlon in 2013, I thought I knew how to swim. But when I got to the pool to practice, I realized that I did not REALLY know how to swim. I had always done the “Tarzan” swim. You know, front crawl with your head poking up out of the water like a turtle.

It took some time before I figured out the whole breathing thing. To be honest, I really just like to breathe on my right side. And my form isn’t great. I don’t dip my hips enough. I don’t use the entire stroke of my arm. I really am just flailing in a forward motion.

I think that I would enjoy the swim more if I was not exerting so much effort with my inefficiency. This is something for me to work on for sure.


I go to open water swim at Kill Creek on Mondays. And yesterday was no exception. But I was in a super bad mood and mid-way through the first and second buoys, I got a massive headache. It was all I could concentrate on and I was miserable.

I did something really stupid and signed up for a sprint tri on Saturday morning and a 5K Saturday night. I have done this double-header in the past, but that was before my immune system lost its chill. I am really going to go in with no expectations but to finish the tri and have fun. That is my only goal. Finish. And not want to lay on the side of the bike course and die. (The bike course has some pretty gnarly hills that I am not looking forward to.)

I really wish I could love swimming as much as I love to run. I am hoping that I can get some help with my technique and will like it when I am much better at it. (Always open to tips!)


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