Going crazy with race entries.

So I did something crazy yesterday. Well, two things I guess since I ran in the heat. But I will talk about that later. First thing was signing up for races. Two of them… on the same day. WHAT??? I actually have done a triathlon in the morning and ran a 5K that evening before… but that was before I was sick. I really have no idea how the tri will go. I am confident in the swim and the run, but the bike course is very hilly and I know my body isn’t responding well to hill climbing now. My strategy is to just finish and granny gear the hills if I have to.

Maple Leaf City triathlon was my first triathlon. They have actually changed the race pretty significantly since I raced in 2013. The swim has doubled by including a down-and-back in each lane (which I have actually heard has not been working so well… lots of people getting kicked in the face because the lames are so tight and they spaced swimmers out 10 seconds.) The bike course was increased on the county road and now goes all the way to the Le Loup / Ottawa road intersection… which means it now includes the big ass hill at the end. The run remains a 5K.

I will be biking the course with some friends tonight. I have actually refused to ride that road because it is just too dangerous. This is the road that Steven and I were nearly hit on recently. I am hoping with a small group that the cars will be more attentive… (Although I really think the car PURPOSELY buzzed our bikes to be a jerk).

So I mentioned I did run in the heat last night. I shuffled my schedule around to get that bike in tonight. I did my easy run last night with Bowie at the river trail. I signed him up for Rock the Crossroads 5K as well, and I told him he needed to get some heat training in because Saturday night will be hot.

We filled up our hydration packs at QT and hit the trail. I stopped every mile to make sur Bowie was doing OK and drinking enough water. At the one-mile mark, there was a turnaround to go back, but Bowie told me he wasn’t ready to stop running yet, He said he felt like doing 3 miles and not just 2, so we kept going. The next turnaround actually was a bit further down so we got some bonus miles. (We ended with 4 miles).  Bowie was struggling a little bit with the heat, which was to be expected. I could tell that this wasn’t easy-peasy for him, but being a runner in the Midwest rarely is. Summers are hot, winters are cold. You have to really be tough to deal with both. (I actually deal with cold much better than the heat).

While we were running, I explained to Bowie about the race, and mentioned that I will be doing the tri and 5K in the same day. His reply: That sounds horrible. Maybe my kid has more sense than I do.

I think we were both happy to be done. We were covered in sweat and tired. I am hoping that Bowie copes with the heat on Saturday and doesn’t go out too fast. I am not sure if I will be pacing him the first mile – he will have to work out his pacing himself. I do have an extra Garmin but I am not sure a 9 year old would be able to operate it, run and be able to understand the display. Maybe we could practice with the watch tomorrow. I will report back.


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