Surprise races!

Have you ever signed up for a race and forgot about it until you get the participant guide? Oops. I said I would do the run leg of a triathlon relay this Saturday for my work team. It really isn’t a big deal except I will be getting up at 3:00 in the morning and driving 90 minutes each way to run a 5K. That’s kind of sucky. Plus, I have to drive a long way to get my packet tonight since they don’t do race day packets. Grumble.

Last night I decided to run the Thursday Gal Gallop at the river trail. Bowie tagged along, too, despite not being a girl. They are pretty chill on the girls-only rule. I have even brought my male dog to run as well. 😉


It was very hot so we filled our handhelds with ice water on the way over. Shortly into the run, Bowie needed to take a potty break so we got separated from the group. This actually worked out OK since Bowie decided he wanted to do the 3.75 loop instead of the 4.75. This also gave us the freedom to walk each mile for a few seconds to get a drink.

With as hot as it has been, I am really careful to make sure Bowie isn’t working too hard and that he is getting enough water.

We made it back to the car before everyone else returned to we had some time to chill out. (And I got to snap a couple pictures of the girls popping out of the trees before they ducked back into the last stretch of trail.



My shower felt amazing when we got home! After getting cleaned up, we watched episodes 4 and 5 of Stranger Things as a family. Have you been watching this show? My kids love it. We are all hooked!!

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