Getting my om on.

So.. about yoga.

Yesterday I went to my second yoga class. I liked it so much the first class that I put a new yoga mat on my birthday list – and my husband bought the one I wanted! (I went with a pink LuLuLemon one since I have read good reviews and just really like their apparel!)

I had to modify some of the poses since my left index finger is still sore. (I guess it takes more than a week for a broken bone to feel better. Whodathunkit). Still, I got super sweaty and felt like I was working really hard.

I am really hoping my flexibility comes back. I have lost so much of it running and is somewhat frustrating to feel like I am struggling to do simply stretches. I plan to keep at it and try to make yoga class twice a week.  I figure I need all the stretching I can get!

I am soliciting some feedback on yoga gear! I would love to get advice on what clothing and gear is cool and fun. Very interested in fashion-forward clothes especially. I have checked out some neat pants with laces / bows on the sides that look pretty cool. Please send me yo’ links! I will do a round-up link soon with your suggestions!


When I got home, Steven had to go search the basement for my trainer tire that he just took off my tri-bike for my race last month. (Sorry dear. Oh, and I have a tri on the 27th, so I will need the real tire swapped back out soon!)

I did an hour of pedal-pedal-pedal-power while watching McFarland, USA. Really. I have seen that movie a million times and it never gets old. (That’s not DANNY  DIAZ!!) I love it so much.


I am back to yoga tonight! I am hooked!

One thought on “Getting my om on.

  1. Clythie says:

    If you want to wear shorts, Spandos by Oiselle are amazing for yoga. They come up a little higher on the waist so there’s no…exposure when you stretch and bend! I wear the matching bra top for hot yoga as well, or throw a tank over it. Good luck with your practice – yoga is amazing and such a great cross training tool for running, both the stretching and the meditation aspects!


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