So many things.

I sort of fell off the radar at the end of the week. Let’s catch up!

Wednesday I had yoga class again. I guess I am hooked. I am still not doing the advanced poses, and my broken left finger means I have to do some modifications… but I am getting a really good sweat on. (And my legs feel so much more loose.) I am sticking with it.


Thursday was the pre-release of Suicide Squad! I took a rest day and hit the Alamo Drafthouse to get my Harley Quinn on.


Saturday I attended an open water swim clinic in the morning and got in 800 meters or so with the coach of Trifecta Multisport Coaching. I am really looking forward to more of his coaching sessions. In this session, I worked on getting my elbows bent and high!


Saturday afternoon we took the boys for a picnic and playground fun at Lone Star, where I had swam earlier. It was so pretty and I just knew my boys would love it there. They had a great time and want to take their swimming trunks next time.

Saturday night I grabbed my cross-bike and dragged Steven out of the house for a gravel ride. Lots of washboard on the first couple miles, but had a good ride after that. (A little fast pedaling as I had to flee from 3 border coliies who may or may not have wanted to eat me.) We made it out to my favorite road sign and turned around and went back the same way. Next time I will ride down that road! I have been itching to do that for a month now!


Sunday I had a long run planned, but the hours were ticking by, and I was not feeling any better. In the evening, I forced myself to get dressed for a run. I really sat on the bed for a bit crying because I was just exhausted. I did make it out the door and got in a mile before I wanted to curl into a little ball on the street. My legs and arms had no energy in them. They were just so fatigued that I barely made it back home. I was stumbling around a bit, so Steven helped me back inside. Not good. Next time I won’t try to push myself so hard.

So autoimmune won on Sunday. It is hard to keep going, for sure. I still have really hard days. I mean, no day is ever “easy” for me now. But I find myself less exhausted than I was before. Either I am getting better or I am learning how to adapt to being tired. I am hoping the former is true.

For the last month, I have been on a heavy dose of iron to address my extremely low ferritin levels. (I will do a post on that once I have my next round of testing… that will tell me whether I am absorbing the iron like I should). But, much research (and many of my endurance sports friends) point to my low iron levels as being a big factor in my fatigue the last year. My iron level last spring was super low, but I was not treated. It was my persistence in researching and advocating for myself that the rheumatologist checked my iron and confirmed my suspicions. (Always always always  get a copy of your labs and don’t be afraid to Google and ask questions!)

I try to post positive things about “tomorrow being a whole new day.” But trust me. I am bummed. There are times I want to give up. I cry. I get angry. I am jealous of my friends who get to do the things I want to do.

I just keep telling myself that I will be ME again. That really is all I can do.

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