All I do is spin, spin, spin, no matter what.

I had planned to get my yoga on after work, but I was kept late at work… and had left my yoga bag at home. By the time I made it home to retrieve my bag, I couldn’t make it back to town in time… Really bummed I missed yoga, but I still got my bike trainer session in anyway.

I am still not into my bike trainer. (Interestingly enough, I like Ryde Barre, though. Anyone want to set up trainers in my living room and we will play the stereo really loud?)


I biked while watching the Olympics. Guys. I am totally addicted. When I get home, the Olympics is on. The TV in my bedroom started doing a weird thing where it would keep shutting off and turning back on. So annoying. It only seemed to happen while watching cable, so I am not entirely convinced it was a TV problem… but I asked Steven to swap out the bib TV for the room we are renovating for Emery. Emery is using my old TV now and says it works just fine. Idk… But I do know Emery isn’t getting his giant 3D TV back!! Sorrynotsorry, Em.

Back to the Olympics… I am really excited for track and field, but as a triathlete, I really enjoyed the cycling and swimming events. (How amazing are Lilly and Katie?!?!) I am not picking up any great swimming tips, as I am still a slow swimmer with bad form, but it does inspire me to hit the pool more.

I can’t even wrap my mind around how amazing it would be to get to be the BEST at something. It makes me wonder if there is something that I would be THE BEST at, but I didn’t know I could do. (I mean… Maybe I am a champion archer but I don’t own a bow!) If we could make putting on lip gloss an Olympic event, I would be on the podium, for sure.


One thought on “All I do is spin, spin, spin, no matter what.

  1. Canuck Carl says:

    Great post. You have an incredible biography that shows much will and endurance with what you are accomplishing. Much respect.

    I have been watching the Olympics myself, such amazing athleticism. I know I will never make it to the podium in anything, but admire those who train so long and hard to become the best.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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