Get on your bikes and ride.

We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get to it.

Wednesday I was so eager to go to yoga after having missed it on Tuesday… and then I tweaked something in my shoulder while picking up my heavy mom-purse at lunch. Yes. I injured myself with my handbag. It gets better, folks! While making hardboiled eggs, I dropped the pot of boiling water all over my legs because my broken finger couldn’t grip the pot. Sigh. So I took an ice math immediately and my legs had bright splotches, but no horrible burns. I did my bike trainer ride anyway. Accident prone much? Lately, yes.


Thursday I had a brick workout. Since the outside temp was 112 (with the heat index), I stayed inside again. I watched the Olympics on the trainer. (I am ready for fall. For real).


Friday I took the day off. I was dragging by the end of the week. I was supposed to wake up early on Saturday for open water swim with Trifecta Multisport, but I just couldn’t seem to get going. We ended up taking the kids for a picnic at Lone Star, and I swam while they played. It was a beautiful night for a swim. It is sort of strange to be swimming far out without buoys, so I just did a straight line from the dock out to the farthest point and back, rather than doing a loop.


Sunday, again, so tired. I did make myself get out for a bike ride, and I actually did perk up! I planned to go from Ottawa to Garnett, but a couple things cut my ride short and I stopped in Richmond. First, I am used to getting bugs in my eyes. That stinks but usually I am able to blink / rub / water them out. I had a bug fly into my eye and I swear it was stinging my eyeball because it was burning so badly. I couldn’t get it out either! Eventually I think my right eye watered so much it flushed itself out. Horrible! Second, as I was rolling into Richmond, my right kidney started hurting. I hada bad bout with kidney pain last year and had ultrasounds done. (It ended up not to be kidney stones or anything, but related to my autoimmune stuff.) I am hoping this was a case of simple dehydration. Going to be pounding water today!

One more thing from my ride… I had a spider lower himself down from my helmet visor right in front of my face. Terrifying! He was quickly batted away.

So… Back to the buy thing. I am really in need of recommendations on how to keep bugs out of my eyes. I usually end up taking off my eyeglasses because they pinch my head when I work out. And the trail was too dark to wear sunglasses. So I don’t know what other options would keep my eyes bug-free on evening gravel and trail rides. Help!!

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One thought on “Get on your bikes and ride.

  1. Gareth says:

    You could try light enhancing sunglasses – I use them for cricket so I can see the ball better when fielding. They cut glare and and brighten the surroundings plus keep bugs out!


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