Yoga intentions.

Catching up on last week a bit.

Wednesday night was my yoga night. I was so happy to be back since I had to miss Tuesday. I did have a bit of a wrinkle because I had slept on my neck funny earlier, and was trying to not aggravate my neck / shoulder more. It was a really great, sweaty practice.


My new shirt really fits my yoga intention of fighting mu autoimmune and getting back on track. And it makes me laugh, so added bonus.

One thing that I have that I like more and more about yoga is the mental / meditation aspect of it. I really started yoga with the intention of just getting a good stretch and working on regaining my flexibility. I didn’t really start internalizing the “intention” until the last couple sessions. At some point, I really relaxed (which is something I never do) and just lived in the moment. I breathed. I listened. I spent time thinking about what I wanted to get out of that day’s practice. And at the end of practice, as we finish up by laying heavy into the floor, I thought about my intention as well.  I could seriously just curl up and take a nap by the end.

After yoga, I jumped on the trainer and got some spinning in while watching the Olympics.

Then, things derailed a bit… My allergies hit hard and I was not sure if I was getting sick, or just run down. I took a couple rest days hoping I could pull it together in time for my 5K on Saturday. I guess my car had something else in mind as it decided to break major parts on Saturday night… So I ended up missing my race on Sunday. Was not happy with that at all.

So Sunday I was tired and feeling run down, still… But I decided to get out on my cross-bike and see what a gravel ride felt like. To be honest, I felt pretty horrible most of the time. It was bright and sunny, so I felt hot and dehydrated. I perked up a bit on the shady sections, but they were few and far between.


Since I was alone, I decided to take advantage and ride the minimum maintenance road that I normally turnaround at since my husband is well beyond pooped at that point. I am actually really happy I rode that section as it really brought a smile to my face. That was my favorite part of the ride.


Unfortunately, I had to make it all the way back home yet. The way home was considerably slower because I had gotten a lot of mud in my cleats while standing on the rutty muddy road and it took me half the ride back to get clipped in. I was also really tired and just spinning easy back up the hills. I was so tired I even missed the bottle cage and dropped my water bottle, which I had to backtrack a bit to retrieve.

So while not my best ride, I was proud I finished and really happy to find a new thing I like to do: explore minimum maintenance roads.

Oh! I wanted to share a discount code with you all!  15% of prAna apparel through end of September with code “PFS16DIRT.” I mentioned before I was partnering with prAna but they gave me my own code to share rather than the generic one, so I thought I would share that with you. I am actually really excited about this promotion since I actually have a lot of prAna dresses that I purchased at Title Nine over the past couple years.

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