When the RD forgets about you.

I have been battling allergies for two weeks. At least I think it is allergies. At first I thought allergies, and then I thought I was getting sick, but then I decided it is just allergies. A co-worker recommended a cold medicine she likes to me, and I took that for a few days, only to realize it was making me feel worse! I switched back to my regular stuff and am feeling better. I mean, still feeling the allergies but no longer feeling like I have flu / cold. So that is an improvement.

Last night was the first night I felt like working out this week I took advantage by taking the dogs on two walks around the campus across the street. The boys joined me for the secondIMG_0002 walk, which made it take 4 times as long, but it really is nice to get out as a family. (And it gives the dogs extra time to run a play).


On my first walk, I got one whole picture of the girl dogs. The secret to getting a picture of a group of dogs is to stop by a pole. Little Maggie May is now bigger than her big sisters. Lucy the Frenchie used to be the alpha dog, even over her giant brothers, but Maggie is quite bossy and rowdy and won’t let Lucy push her around. So I guess Maggie is the pack leader now.
After my first walk, but before the second, I made dinner. I bought a couple new cookbooks and have been cooking my way through the Chrissy Teigen “Cravings” book. The boys are really loving the recipes. So far I have made the oatmeal cake breakfast bake, biscuits and gravy, and macaroni and cheese.

After our family walk, I finally had a chance to get my brick in. Because I didn’t start until 9:00, it was really dark and my tri-bike doesn’t have a headlight, so I kept it on the trainer for a spin. I am really getting my money’s worth out of that Nashbar trainer.


I am actually signed up for a triathlon on Saturday. It is a deferral from last year, since I was too sick to do much of any racing last summer. I did confirm in the spring that my deferral carried over, but I have not gotten a participant guide… and packet pickup is tonight. Me thinks they have forgotten about me. I have not even gotten to study the course and transitions. Yikes. I guess I will crash packet pick-up and see what happens? No idea on what to do. It just occurred to me that I had not gotten any communication from them when I realized packet pickup was today.

I guess I will let you know tomorrow how that goes!

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