Setting an intention.

I haven’t posted for a bit because I took some time off from training. I felt awful last week… my allergies were over the top, and the medicine my co-worker suggested made me feel worse. Once I realized I was having a bad reaction, I stopped using it and gradually felt better. So I missed my triathlon on Saturday. Which is a bummer. (But honestly, when I saw the bright green lake water at packet pick-up, it made me nervous. Many athletes reported yucky muddy water after the event. So that might not be a future event for me.)

This week, I am trying to get my body moving again. Monday, I had an appointment with a new doctor. He is re-doing all my labs to see where I am at, and also get a baseline so that he can help me. He seems pretty dedicated in getting me going again. I also got a tetanus shot.

Tuesday, I woke up with a sore, swollen arm. Ahhhhh tetanus shot. I went to yoga anyway and had a really good practice. My arm was super sore but I am hoping all that stretching helped.


Do I look glowy and zen-like?

At yoga, the instructor has a topic for each practice. We set an intention at the beginning of our practice, which is a goal or intent for the session. (I usually decide to focus on calming myself and relaxing for my intention). At the end of practice, she usually reads a phrase which has a theme for use to think about the rest of the day. Yesterday she talked about love and compassion. That is something I do try to practice in my daily life, but I think we all could use a good reminder to try to do this more often.

When I got home from yoga, I changed into running clothes so that I could get my run in before I could talk myself out of it. I was in such a hurry to get out of the door that I forgot my handheld. This was a big mistake since it was 87% humidity and hot out. I ran the hill route out to the lake and it felt like running in a hot, sw
eaty armpit. (There is a great visual!) I made it all the way to the lake before Steven met me with a bottle of water. I cut my run short and called it good after 4 miles.


Such a rookie mistake. Never forget your hydration!





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