Fall cycling kit window-shopping.

Last night was spent on the bike trainer…. a necessary evil since it was too dark for me to venture out for a ride. I am gearing up for fall cycling and running, and am really looking forward to spending hours on the trails. I am also embarking on a new little adventure, doing some more cyclocross events this year.

I did attend a clinic last year and worked on a few bike skills afterwards. This year, I am getting slightly more serious as I am not only attending a clinic, but venturing out to a legitimate course and doing some practice sessions with the big dogs. (I am not quite yet ready to pull the trigger on a full-blown race… yet…)

That said, I was looking at picking up a new jersey or skinsuit to add to my cycling gear drawer. I found some really amazing kits and wanted to share a few of them with you.


Panache Cycleware Co.


Cycling is a way of life, according to Panache founder, Don Powell, a former Euro pro-racer. Don also believed that there should be a better way to “stay warm and go fast.” Hence, Panache was born. Advocating for clean sport, a cause near and dear to my heart, Don says Panache is about no cheating nor marketing BS.



Operating out of what looks more like a ski lodge than an office, Maloja’s founder, Peter, produce mountain biking clothing while adhering to the highest environmental standards. Peter says he is more interested in creating distinctive, high-quality apparel than putting profit before his beliefs. He seems more zen than CEO… and his kits show it.


Tenspeed Hero


Like friends on a cycling team, who just happen to make cycling kits, Tenspeed Hero has expanded the last few years. Founders, Jonathan and Luke, create ice cream-colored dreams from Italian fabric. Thankfully they’ve added a womens’ line so ladies cam join in the fun.

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