weird brick combos.

I am keeping my eyes on the sky and hoping for no rain as I have a women’s cyclocross clinic tonight. I am very excited, but really nervous! I will report back tomorrow with how it goes!

Yesterday was another muggy hot day in Kansas. I went to yoga where we worked on balance. Lots of poses that required us to stand on one leg and bend / contort / be crazy. I am actually fairly good at balance, I think from ice hockey since it requires you to focus on putting all your weight onto one skate while doing skills drills. (Been a long time since I have played, but I think the balancing stuff stays with you).


It was a rough practice for me as some of the thinking and reflection we did mentioned self-love. And I am not really great at being nice to myself and saying nice things to myself. I will leave it at that and promise to work on that in the future.

When I got home, I changed into running clothes and got some sweaty laimg_0198ps in at the Baker U campus. Had I thought to take water with me, I would have kept going. I was really in the zone and was feeling really good about how I was moving. (Again… I keep forgetting my handheld.) It was really dark out but since campus is well lit, I didn’t bring a headlamp. I did try out wearing a buff on my head, which felt kind of strange at first. It did a great job keeping sweat out of my eyes, but maybe wasn’t the most flattering fashion choice. (I will always chose to keep sweat out of my eyes over looking  cute though. Stingy burning eyes are just miserable).


So 60 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of running for me. Weirdest briimg_0196ck ever? Maybe. But it felt good and it worked for me.


I have had some questions on how I am coming along since I started my mega-doses of iron in July. I don’t know that I feel any better. It is hard to say. I am always tired, but some days more or less tired than others. So days I am less tired, I work out. Days I am more tired, I do something less stressful on my body or take a rest day. I am hoping that my iron labs are looking better. (I get my results back on Tuesday). Then they should have a new plan of action for getting me back to running hard.


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