Riding dirty.

I had a lot of bike time this weekend!

On Saturday, I did a 90 minute ride around the county on gravel roads, which I really like. Always an adventure!  About 30 minutes into my ride, I came over a hill and found two cows standing in the middle of the road. They didn’t seem to like my bicycle too much, but when a man in a truck came by to corral them, they liked him even less. I stood off to the side as they decided I was the lesser of the evils and they darted past me. (They weren’t there when I came back thru on the way home, so I assume the people in the truck got them back into their pasture).


The boys met me at my turnaround point (the minimum maintenance road). That was the most muddy, rutted fun mile ever! I think the biggest surprise was seeing Tatum plow down that on his tricycle. He did an out and back on it – two miles on this tricycle! Good job, Tater Bug!


I did the out and back twice, so 4 miles for me. I tilted the Go Pro down and caught some neat video on the last pass. I got pretty muddy but it was so worth it. I used the time to work on some new skills. I wanted to get practice riding in muddy conditions, so I kept pushing myself to hit the ruts. I corrected when the back of my bike would come around on me. I pedaled thru deep water, with my feet completely submerged. (That felt awkward!) I went into deep bogs and just kept forward moving progress so that I would not get stuck or fall over. I think it was time well spent as I know cross courses can get muddy and I want to be prepared for some of that.

I put together a 3 minute video of my ride (sped it up a bit to fit into the length of the song.) See it here.

On Sunday, I hit the bike trainer for a ride pretty late. I listened to some heavy music and just concentrated on spinning at a high cadence. After 10 miles (30 minutes), I lost interest and felt like running, so I changed shorts and shoes and went to the Baker campus. It was hot and humid, so I worked up a pretty good sweat in 3 miles. It did feel pretty nice to feel some speed in my legs as I did a progressive run, picking up the pace on each mile.

I am so happy to have gained some confidence in mud, but I don’t feel like I am quite ready for a race yet. I will try to find some time to work on my skills this week. I am just struggling a bit with pulling the trigger on a race entry. I feel intimidated and I feel like I want to be more at-ease on my bike. (I don’t do well struggling in front of people, especially if it is a race situation). Hopefully I will find a race at the end of the season 😉

Up next on the Cyclocross Series will be purchasing your first cyclocross bike!


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