Mad juggling skills.

Some days, it is harder than others to find a balance with work life, home life, and training. Monday was one of those days. I know it may seem like I have all this down to a science, and must days, we balance it all pretty well… but sometimes things go off the rails a little bit, and that is OK.

I had to work later than I wanted yesterday. Meetings run late, or get scheduled at the end-of-day at the last minute. It happens.

Tatum needed to get his kindergarten shots and Steven had to take him to that… which meant I needed to take Bowie to soccer camp because my oldest son was working on a school project.

By the time Bowie and I got back from his practice, it was dark. (So the open water swim I was thinking of tacking on to my training plan got nixed). Steven brought home some fast food dinner so I could grab a bite and then get out the door for a quick run. (My stomach felt queasy and gross for my run. Not good! Probably having a Culver’s burger was a bad plan.)

Yet, I am stubborn. (Let’s call it “relentless.”) I was determined to get my run in, queasy stomach, broken toe, nasty humidity at 8:00 at night. Just yucky. I put on the lightest layers I could find (Oiselle rogas and a halter tank top) and grabbed a Halo band to hold my hair back.


I did repetitive loops at the Baker U campus, which did nothing to feed my soul. Running in circles on a sidewalk is not much fun. But I did pump some good music in my headphones and just concentrated on survival. By the end of my run, I was covered in sweat to the point that it was rolling into my eyes. I think sweat in the eyes is really the worst. I definitely need to bring something different for my hair next time. Maybe I can find my Bondi band wrap thing and try that!

So that was a run I just needed to get done. It was not enjoyable other than I am finally feeling like I can get my planned workouts in. Yet, thankfully with a bunch of juggling, we were able to make it happen. Hoping my juggling skills hold out this week so I can get everything in that I want to do.

One thought on “Mad juggling skills.

  1. Quix says:

    I feel ya (also with the sweaty… isn’t it supposed to be almost fall?). Sometimes it’s just about plugging away and getting it done, even if it doesn’t make your soul sing.


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