Making my feet like a baby.

Yesterday was International Peace Day! How fitting for my yoga practice yesterday. We worked on shoulders and back quite a bit. We also opened up with some foot-stretching poses. Yikes. That really is my most difficult thing. My feet / Achilles has no flex in them right now. I struggle sometimes to flex my toes up off the ground. (When it gets really bad, I have to penguin waddle my way up steep hills on the trail). I will be researching a bit today on how I can improve my flexibility and start incorporating some new exercises into my daily routine. (I am hoping for things I can do at my desk. I don’t have a lot of time for additional “work out” sessions!)

It really hits me sometimes. There are so many things that I used to take for granted. My feet being able to flex is certainly one of them. So many poses in yoga, and everyday life really, require you to be able to flex your foot or point your toes. Hopefully it is something that I can improve if I work at it. I don’t like thinking that autoimmune will forever rob me of certain abilities.

(I am totally open for exercise / rehab suggestions for my feet / Achilles.)


After I got home from yoga, I debated on run or bike. I had a sharp pain happening in my lower back (more like in my right glute), so I decided bike would be the only option I could pull off. I swapped into shorts and hit the trainer for a quick 30-minute ride.

After my bike ride, I tried out something called “Baby img_0543Foot.” Baby Foot are these little plastic booties that are filled with, basically, chemical peel ingredients. You slap on the booties for an hour and then rinse… After a week, the skin on the bottom of your feet should have peeled off completely, revealing brand new baby soft feet. I was worried at first that I would get a horrible chemical burn, but I didn’t feel any stinging or burning at all. It didn’t feel like anything, so I am actually wondering if anything will happen! I should start to notice peeling after 3 days, so I will keep you posted!

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