Up, down, up, down, up, down.

My weekend mileage doesn’t show it, but I actually felt better this weekend. I am cautiously optimistic that I am turning a corner. I haven’t needed to take Ambien to sleep in 2 weeks. I hit some pretty good workouts last week, including a brick that I felt pretty good about.

I was really looking forward to my long run and long bike over the weekend, but family obligations, and a sick kiddo, took over my weekend. When I did set out to do my long run on Sunday, I was tired and frustrated. I shut the run down early so that I could regroup and have a better run on Monday night.

I was so eager when I got home from work on Monday to get my run in, before any kids could derail it, that I didn’t think through my route. I thought running the county road out and back would be a safe bet… but didn’t consider that it was a very hilly road and there isn’t any shade there. Which was a probably since it was 5:00. My long run had a lot of run-walk intervals, which really… it’s OK. You will have a tough run every now and again. It was hot. It was really really hilly. It’s OK. I won’t judge my first long run by that. I didn’t get the distance I wanted, but I stuck out a tough run for a good amount of time, and that is that. After a shower, I felt pretty good about the run. I haven’t put down a chunk of running mileage in a while. I kind of feel like I am getting back to where I want to be.


Like I said, cautiously optimistic. I actually chose 3 “A” goals for next year. I haven’t selected races, just the distances I want to hit. I even printed off a poster to hang in my cube at work as a little reminder. (I also printed off some of my favorite race / running pictures and some quotes to create a wall of doom, errr, motivation. It probably seems odd to my coworkers to have a bunch of little photos pinned up… but hey. Running on purpose is something that most people find odd anyway.

I can’t wait to share my progress as I train toward my goals and start getting back into race shape.

It can happen. Autoimmune or not, it WILL happen. I hope you stick with me!

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