Addicted to cyclocross.

I can’t believe it is the weekend already! Let’s catch up.

Tuesday I hit my beloved yoga class. Every muscle was super tight when I started class. I actually was working on sitting down with my legs folded under me before class, and was not able to bring my bottom down to my feet. That is a ridiculous problem. Muscles shouldn’t be that tight. I secretly set a practice intention to really push myself on leg stretching poses so that I could sit on my feet by the end of class. Mission accomplished! End of class, my butt hit my heels. Celebrate the small stuff, folks.

After class, I went for an easy breezy run. The weather is finally cooperating with runners in Kansas and I didn’t feel like I was going to drown in my own sweat. Win!

Wednesday I had planned to go to yoga and then hit the bike trainer. But I made the mistake of sitting down “for just a minute” on my bed…. And I woke up hours later. Sad trombone. I made a mental note to make that workout up on my Friday rest day.

Thursday night I went to see The Cult with my friend Jamie. (We had a super fun time!!) I felt proud of myself for getting in my workout before heading to the show. Instead of the bike trainer, I took my “comfy cruiser” bike out for a nice gravel ride. Comfy cruiser, a women-specific hybrid, is not made for speed, so I got really good practice in using the “easy” gears and spinning at a ridiculously high cadence to get up the hills. I need to get my cadence up anyway, so I think that was valuable practice for me.

While I was at the show, Steven had a busy time wrangling the kids. He dropped Dane off at baseball practice on his way to take Bowie to cyclocross practice. (Our oldest son, Emery, stayed home with Satchel and Tatum.) Bowie is completely hooked on cyclocross and it makes my heart so happy. (So now I have a bike buddy in addition to running!)

In some ridiculously amazing news, while at practice, one of the coaches who hosts the events lent Bowie a cyclocross bike that is just his size. (They sometimes receive bikes to lend out to kids just getting started in the sport). Bowie is beaming from ear-to-ear over this loaner bike. I will post a picture of Bowie with the bike once Steven gives it a quick maintenance and new bar wrap. We picked up a helmet at Sunflower Cycles today, and are on the look-out for some boys cycling shorts if anyone has a recommendation.

So that’s it… I will be taking Bowie on a quick gravel ride tonight to teach him how to use the shifters. Then he has a soccer game in KC…. And hopefully we survive the busy weekend we have planned. Can’t wait to share the details with you all!

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