Growing my spoon allotment.

Hello friends! We are half way through the week, so that is always good news! Some scary news: I signed up for my first cyclocross race! Oh my gosh… Really nervous. Bowie and I will both be racing on October 15th, and then I travel to Des Moines to run a half on Sunday. Bad timing? I don’t know.

Last night I had another great yoga class with Jennifer. I have really started to look forward to this class and I really do want to start making sure I hit it twice a week instead of once. My goal last night was to be able to sit down with my legs folded under me, with my butt hitting the balls of my feet again. Before class, every muscle felt like it was on fire while I tried to settle onto my feet. (Much like if you try to force yourself into the splits… my quads / knees were burning). I know this sounds like a trival thing to focus my energies on… But really. All the tightness and inflammation happened in my muscles due to autoimmune stuff… the pain of trying to sit on my feet is like a symbol of the battle I am fighting. And if I am able to sit, I will have overcome that. If only even for a day.

By the end of class, I was able to make my butt touch my feet if I really pressed hard. Gravity alone would not make it happen. (So I know at my class tonight, I will be focusing on this again).

There actually were a few great articles published this week about Lupus and Yoga. While I have not seen a specific study on lupus and yoga, the benefits of yoga can really help those with autoimmune, or really any chronic disease. Reducing inflammation, stress, fatigue, back pain, digestion, etc. It is all good stuff. And of course, yoga poses can be modified depending on the abilities and needs of the yogi. (Use a yoga block, use a chair, it is all good stuff). Note: I am not a medical professional, but just a yoga enthusiast who has autoimmune disease.

That said…

After yoga, I headed home for my run. At the start of my run, I could tell my legs were not cooperating. I pushed myself 2 miles and decided it was enough of that. I needed to move to something that was not such a struggle… So I hit the bike trainer and did the Wednesday workout. (So tonight I will run after yoga class to make it up).

I really can’t be too sad about not running. I still go an hour of yoga, a 2 mile run and a 10 mile bike in. For me, it really is balancing everything out and figuring out what I can do within my own limitations. And those limitations vary each day. (Some days you get more spoons, some days you get less spoons. And I am really trying to be satisfied with the spoons I have right now). not familiar with Spoon Theory? Go here.


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