More kids cyclocross.

Mother nature decided that the kids needed to practice wet cyclocross conditions at Thursday night’s practice. I strapped the bike rack onto my Mini, and loaded up my bike as well as Bowie’s. We headed to Donderdag in hopes that we could get some riding in before the storm hit. Steven loaded Dane’s bike and they followed us out in the van.

Thankfully the rain held off for an hour. The coaches kept an eye on the storm with a weather app, so we tried to get as much in as we could. After some warm-up, we worked on starts. Coach Pat and I lined up with Bowie and Dane to get some sprints in. Once we had a few of those under our belts, we headed out and worked on corning on the course. Surprisingly, riding a bike in cyclocross is a lot like driving a car on an opentrack or autocross course. The same line applies and I worked a bit on finding my late apex. As it got more dark, I nearly rode off-course when a section of the course tape was red instead of yellow. It was a bit more difficult to pick out, so I turned on my headlight.

Just as we were wrapping up practice, Coach Pat called it quits. And then the rain POURED on us. Not a light sprinkle. It was zero-to-monsoon. Kind of crazy. I loaded up bikes and distributed towels to the boys. Dan was also the recipient of a loaner bike, so we loaded up that into the van as well.

Dane rode home with me in the Mini and we talked a bit about racing and his new-to-him bike. He decided that since Bowie had black tape, he wanted chrome tape on his bike so that they could tell them apart. I did some sleuthing on Amazon and found some silver “carbon fiber” bar wrap and ordered that. (Prime for the win!) His bike needs a little TLC so we will be making a visit to our friends at Volker Bicycles to pick up some parts for it after Bowie’s cyclocross this weekend.

I also did some research on kids’ cyclocross and cycling kits, and found some really neat kits at a Colorado-based company called Spindaroos, that specializes in kids cycling gear. I will share pictures once we have ordered the boys’ kits.

Coming up next on the Cyclocross 101 series will be tips and tricks with skills.

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