Halloween gets hectic.

October is always a busy month for us because we put on an elaborate Halloween display in our yard… and we get even less time to prepare since we try to have the display set up in time for our town’s annual festival, Maple Leaf Festival. Add on top of that 2 boys in soccer, one in fall baseball, plus cyclocross season… It is a mess. We are pretty close to having our Halloween display up, so now I can work on costumes. Thankfully, only the 2 youngest boys want to do trick-or-treat, so I have a lot less sewing to do.

We finally have fall weather in Kansas… or at least part of the day. It seems like it is hoodie weather in the morning and evening, with afternoons being too warm for hoodies. I give it another week before I break out the mittens and hats.


Last Saturday, Tatum had a morning soccer game, then we packed up the bikes and headed to Bowie’s cyclocross race, while Dane was at a baseball Fall Ball tournament. Cliff Drive Cross, part of Kessler Fiesta, was the toughest race of the season, and Bowie was pooped by the end. It was a super steep and challenging grass course, with some stairs and barriers thrown in.


Sunday, Bowie had a soccer game but I stayed home to get a bit of rest before I hit my trail run in the afternoon. Finally, I was not sweating my butt off for a run! I did find my run to be a struggle since I was pretty tired the entire time. I got 6 miles in before I called it quits. Sort of ominous before my big race weekend this weekend…


This week has been filled with kids’ soccer, and my yoga and bike trainer. I did find some time to take the boys out to ride their new cyclocross bikes, and I think Bowie has the shifters figured out so we are hoping for an easier time this weekend.  We have cyclocross practice tonight to get some of those bugs shaken out.




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