Bunny hopping and death spirals.

There is one thing that becomes very apparent as cyclocross practices: my children are way more brave than I am, and they pick up on things twice as fast. I am not sure if it because they are kids, and they are not afraid to fall down and get hurt, so they are able to throw caution to the wind… Or if their little brains are capable of learning new things faster… I mean, I know the answer and it is both. (And there are a lot of interesting articles about children’s prefrontal cortexes, but I was just trying to be more humorous about it).


Anyway. I digress. I took Bowie and Dane to cyclocross practice Thursday night. Since Dane’s new tires are on order, he borrowed a bike from the coach. (He has a magical treasure trove of bicycles.) When asked what he wanted to work on, Bowie said bunny hops. But, of course he did.


So after some warm-ups around the course, the boys settled into bunny hopping. A couple passes around and the boys were getting some sweet air. Ridiculous. Then I show Bowie a simple balancing exercise, he does it twice and then turns it into a running bicycle mount. (Something I am still afraid to do). So yeah. Kids learn fast.


The boys also tackled a mini version of “spiral of death” that will be at the next race. They did great at it and I watched in horror since I have that race this weekend. And I am afraid of things called “spiral of death.” Probably not as much as off-camber turns, but still. Scary.


I am so proud of these kiddos. And I really wish that I has gotten an early start on all these skills. It is a challenge as a grown woman, trying to suck it up and take on all the challenges. These boys are doing something really amazing. Cyclocross is a tough sport. It is a crazy mix of skill, endurance, and bravery. I highly recommend getting out to a race and spectating.

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