Yesterday we discovered how difficult it is to find cyclocross tires for junior cross bikes. (Specifically a 24” tire.) After much research, we finally located a pair for Dane’s bike. Whew!

I also made a trip up to the friendly folks at Volker Bicycles, who have been so kind in helping out the boys with their bikes. I wanted to get a better fit going with my cx bike. I felt like I had too much weight on my hands, and not enough in my seat. We ended up replacing my stem to bring my handlebars a bit higher and slightly closer, and I am a happy camper. When I took it for a spin around the lot, I immediately noticed a difference.


In the past, after spending a couple hours on my bike, my arms would hurt and it would be difficult to even bend my elbow to take a drink. While this may not be an issue for a 30 minute cx race, it is a big issue for multi-hour trail rides. I have been pretty reluctant to ride pavement and like to get my long seat time in at a trail, saving my tri bike for the trainer.


While I was there, I continued to lust after the Focus cyclocross bikes I noticed the first time I was in the shop. So beautiful. And I even got the courage to pull it out of the rack…. And it was so light! And… And… And… it was my size! It is like fate, right? I felt like it was. So I put down a deposit on my dreamy cx bike. N + 1, people. For real.  But I think I have reached the optimal “N.” I think.


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