Fall running gear

The weather in the Midwest has definitely gone from summer to fall. I have found most days, I get by with gloves, long sleeves, tights and something covering my ears. If the wind picks up, I find myself reaching for a jacket, but we aren’t quite into winter weather yet. (knock on wood… I am sure the snow is coming soon…)

img_9808As far as long-sleeves go, I like having thumbholes, or a long enough sleeve that my wrists are covered, Nothing is worse than a gap between gloves and sleeves! I recently received a free “Breath Thermal” long-sleeved shirt from Mizuno and I really like the sleeve length. I feel like the sleeves are longer than my other tech-type shirts – so there is no space for the cold air to creep in!

Another thing I have found with cold weather running is that after I start working up a good sweat, the wind can whip through my shirt and I get instantly cold. This shirt uses thermal fibers that wick the sweat away to keep you dry, yet generates heat. (It’s like magic, y’all!)

img_9807My other must-have for gloves is to be able to operate my phone while wearing them. I don’t like having to take off my gloves in order to skip a song on my Spotify. I really like it when gloves have the sensors on the fingers! Note – the Mizuno Breath Thermal light gloves are ON SALE right now! Sweet! $10 off!

You can check out the shirt and gloves I am wearing here. Happy running! Stay warm out there!

 I received compensation in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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