Wheat is my frenemy.

So a quick update on my autoimmune news, and then I will get into the fun stuff (bikes!!)

I had a visit with an amazing local doctor. I originally was going just for gyn services because I feel like my iron level will never improve if I can’t stop my period from happening – sorry TMI! But during my visit, I started rambling about my iron, and my thyroid, and being completely fatigued for 2 years… and she just got it. She listened to me ramble for a good 15 minutes and had a theory of why I am having so many issues. And a big factor was wheat. She seemed to think “leaky gut” could explain a lot. She ordered a thyroid panel, vitamin D, insulin, and something called a Wheat Zoomer test. A couple weeks later, I was back in her office for my results.


It turns out that I am not allergic to gluten. I am allergic to every part of wheat. (So my previous celiac test didn’t catch this!) And my results indicated I have inflammation and leaky gut… Which also is causing me to have high insulin levels. And low Vitamin D. And guess why my iron isn’t absorbing (my iron level is now high but my ferritin plunked back down)… My gut won’t let it absorb. It is all coming back to my tummy.

So. I have been wheat free for 2 weeks now. (Starting my third week). I have started taking a probiotic. I am taking Vitamin D. I had the option of prescription or supplement for my insulin, so I opted supplement because it is also supposed to help with inflammation.

It really is not as bad as I thought it would be. I miss cookies. But gluten free pizza is not too bad. I have been able to find something to eat at nearly every restaurant (they have come a long way with gluten-free menus). I am sure I might get crabby around the holidays, or as this drags on. But wheat free is my new lifestyle. Trying to embrace it.

So that said… I am hopeful that in a few months I will feel totally awesome. Until then, I take every day as it comes. The weather has turned cold in Kansas, but I have bundled up for some windy / freezing rain bike rides, and sub-zero trail runs. It isn’t my favorite thing to run in. But I guess I am sort of used to it now because I don’t think twice about heading out the door.

That said, I find it easier to run in the cold than to ride. I have to get some new cycling cold gear, I think, as my fingers and toes got really cold last ride. I did invest in a new bike trainer. Lets talk trainers a sec.

I had a mag trainer that I felt just was not keeping up. So I upgraded to a Nashbar fluid trainer. I used this trainer for a year and just felt like I was ready for more. I was never really happy with the level of resistance it offered, and I was really interested in the smart programs. I researched, talked to lots of coaches, and ended up ordering a Tacx Vortex smart trainer. It arrived yesterday (Amazon Prime for the win!) and I am chomping at the bit to set it up tonight. So Bowie inherits the Nashbar fluid trainer, and the other boys can fight over the Cycleops mag trainer.

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