I got my running buddy back.

It has been a minute since we last talked, right? I have been sick with a nasty cold for 2 weeks. (Just in time for Christmas!) and for 4 weeks before that, I had a horrible cough. I jutst can’t catch a break!

So since we last talked, Bowie did cyclocross races nearly every weekend. (I am totally jealous and cannot wait for my body to do the things I want it to do). He had a really great newbie season and I am so proud of him for launching right into the sport. He got egg beater pedals during the week, and was racing with them by the weekend. (I remember being so afraid of falling down when I got mine!)

Now that futsal and cyclocross are over, Bowie can run with me again. YAY! And to celebrate this, I sign the family up for a trail race! Well… almost everyone. 4 out of 7 like to run. Or let me talk them into running. Bowie and I will be running the half, and Tatum (5) and my husband, Steven, will be running the 5K. While the trail is not technical, it is usually a bit heavy. Yet, I have no worries that my children will completely kick our asses. For real. Bowie is going to drop me like a bad habit, and Tatum is going to turn on the turbos and leave Steven in the dust.

Before I got sick, I was so fast and paced Bowie for everything. Now, not so much. Soon…. Soon…

I did see a new doctor at the end of November, and early December my labs came back. Long story short, here is what I know…

I am allergic to wheat. Not just gluten, but all of wheat. It caused inflammation and a leaky gut. My tummy is a brewing sludgehole of crap. Like a tauntuan. This is making me unable to absorb the iron I am taking (so my iron level is high but my ferritin is low), and my body can’t convert my thyroid hormones properly, and my Vitamin D is low. It has also made me insulin resistant. All these things suck. I am now wheat-free and on some groovy new supplements to help with the rest. It has been a month and I don’t really feel different, but I am trying to be patient.

Anyway… It is cold in Kansas and I have been using my bike trainer a lot. (I got a new one! It is a TACX Vortex smart trainer!) But I have gotten out a few times in the cold to brave the elements. I took my dog, August (Auggie), out for a snowy trail run last night and he did great! I, however, found the snow to be hard work since I am still getting over this cold/cough stuff. Poor Atlas was super jealous when we left. (He knows when I am going running and always runs to the front door.) But Atlas cut his foot on Friday night and had to get 2 staples at the vet on Saturday morning… so he won’t be able to run for a bit. It is nice that he wanted to run because that tells me he really does like it, and that maybe his foot is feeling better. Crazy dogs.

Anyway… Glad to have you back, friends. I will try to stop being sick and disappearing.

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