The family that runs together.

This week we launched our family training for our Pi Day races. I know I mentioned before that Bowie is running the half with me, and little Tatum is running the 5K with my husband. Tatum and Steven started running this week… Bowie is able to run with me more now that cyclocross season is over.


Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we hit the Baker U campus across the street. It is so convenient having a well-lit location with security patrols. When Tatum breaks away to run by himself, we don’t worry at all. It is a big 1/3 mile loop and he is in eye-sight the entire time. Last night, I even strapped a pair of knuckle lights on over his gloves and it made it really easy to spot him.

Bowie has picked right back up with his running. (Cycling really kept his fitness up). I don’t think he will have any problems at all building his mileage up.

This weekend, we plan to do our first cycle event of the year, a gravel ride called The Mullet. The ride is on the county gravel roads and starts just down the street from our house. Convenient! And hopefully we will have nice weather.


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