Fade to black.

The winter doldrums have hit me hard. It is really difficult to get fired up for a run or ride when you get home from work and it looks like it is bedtime. For real. I force myself out the door, but the winter blahs and the fatigue for autoimmune is a lot to overcome.


My tri-bike is set up on the new trainer, and it really is an awesome trainer. Really. Or as awesome as something can be that allows me to spin in one place and go nowhere. I really miss riding outside. (Yet, I am not sure it really is that safe to ride the gravel roads in the dark…) My beautiful cross bike got a new saddle and I really think the white is pretty snazzy, don’t you think? Let’s hope for some warm weather and sunlight soon.


Otherwise, it is a lot of running in the dark for me. I got in a 6 mile run yesterday, and it was a total strugglebus. I took my dog Auggie with me since Atlas is still recovering from cutting his paw (and getting staples). Auggie is not an on-leash running kind of dog. He tugs away at the end of the Stunt Puppy bungee too much, and after fighting it for half a mile, I unclipped him and let him run off-leash. The trail was deserted and pitch black, so he enjoyed running ahead of me and sniffing around until I would pass him and call him to catch up… until he apparently found something super interesting off-trail and took off. I yelled and yelled for him. I kept hoping I would spot him ahead and he would come bounding back. When I hit the 3 mile turnaround, I yelled his name still. I thought, well, maybe he will run back to the car. Finally, after a mile, I heard him running on the outside of the tree line, and he found an opening to run back to me.

So… yelling your dog’s name for 3 miles is tiring.

I actually just ordered a light-up harness for him, thinking that if he is easier to spot, he won’t be able to sneak off so easily. (And I won’t have to yell for 3 miles). I will report back on how that works later.



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