Kids and training. And kid’s training.

I have been asked many times how I get the boys to run and bike with me… My answer is that they just want to. I don’t force them to participate if they don’t want to.

After a few cyclocross races, I have asked Bowie if he had fun, and he has said no. When asked why, it was usually related to allergies. But even so, the next weekend he was wanting to race again. (Isn’t that how we all are? After a marathon we say never again, and then by the time we get home, we are looking for another to sign up for…)

Last night Bowie was offered the choice of doing the bike trainer with me, or running with Steven and Tatum at campus. Since Steven is doing Couch to 5K, Bowie would need to run by himself. He actually grumbled and said he didn’t want to do either. I suspect he was just in a bad mood from arguing with his brothers. He ultimately decided he wanted to do the bike trainer, but then he didn’t actually join me to do so.

I am not worried too much about him declining the workout. Yet, he still is signed up for his half marathon in March, and I have every confidence he will be eager to run with me tonight when I ask. His “training plan” is pretty fluid. We go off what he wants to do, and as long as he hits the needed mileage on his weekend long run, I don’t sweat it. He just needs to hit at least 10 miles by the end of February, and he is up to 7 easily now. And if he ends up wanting to walk or whatever at the race, so be it. (Although I seriously doubt he will. He is pretty competitive. I have no idea where he gets that from…)

After the half in March, it will be up to Bowie on what he wants to do. His soccer should be picking up again in the spring, so that will take a bulk of his time again. For now, I will enjoy having my little running buddy while I can.


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