Trails heal the soul.

And just like that, Bowie is back on track.

When I got home yesterday and informed Bowie that he needed to get his running gear on, he grumbled. He whined. He pouted. He did all the things that 9 year old boys do when you tell them to turn off a video game. He argued that he didn’t need to train for the half marathon because he can already run 6 miles easily. (Oh, kiddo… you have no idea.) And to all that, I said, “Just put your shoes on. You are going.” Because as a mom, I get veto over video games.

We went out to the river trail and waited for the other Trail Hawks to arrive. By the time we started, it was pitch black (yay winter), but but but!!! It was amazing weather and we ran in shorts. In January.


We ran the 5 mile loop, as we do each week. (Well, technically 4.75 but I run the extra stretch from trail hear to the upper parking lot so I round up.) After running the first mile with the group to be sure Bowie was good to go, I slowed my pace just a bit. I asked the group to be sure Bowie made the turnaround, and off they went.

I actually had a really good run. On the downside, my calves and feet were so tight that my legs were locking up and I had a hard time running uphill since I couldn’t flex my feet very well. On the upside, I ran the entire time and didn’t have to walk. (Except the very steep hills due to my non-flexing feet). Amazing weather and seeing the headlamps of the runners just ahead of me kept me going.

I thought a lot about the Pi Day half coming up. I mean, I am sure the race will be a total struggle bus for me. I gave serious thought to dropping down to the 5K with little Tatum. But after a decent 5 miler, I am willing to give it a bit more time and see how my next few long runs shake out. If I can get comfortably up to 10 before the race, I think I will go for it.

(Then my thoughts will have to turn to Hospital Hill Half, and I am really hoping my health swings back up because that requires serious hill training! Again – if you are thinking about running that one with me, use “BIBRAVE” discount code. It is for 10% off the 5K, 10K, half marathon and Re-RUN distances, it is not valid on the family 5K pricing.  It cannot be combined with any other promotions and cannot be added after a registration has been completed.)

Anyway, I met up with Bowie after the run, and he was happily sipping hot cocoa with the group. He said he had a lot of fun running with the group. I think he just missed the trails. I did, too. We just need to make the time for trails. They are worth it. 🙂

Alright friends… back to work. 🙂

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