Taco Tuesday.

The boys are getting pretty serious about their Pi Day race training. We all went to the Lawrence River Trail, the race location, for a run last night. Steven and Tatum did C25K on the 2-mile loop, while Bowie and I took Atlas on the race loop.

The weather wasn’t as glorious as the night before, and we all were wearing some extra layers. The nice thing about trails are the trees serving as windblocks, so once you get moving, you tend to warm up pretty quickly.


Atlas wore his new pink light-up harness and didn’t seem to mind it at all. Since he stays on a Stunt Puppy leash the entire run, I think it is a benefit if we encounter a bicycle. If they didn’t see him (and he is a black dog), they might not slow down and could hit him, or clothesline themselves by riding into his leash… which would hurt everyone involved. I like people being able to see him. Definite safety plus!


Of course, Atlas had to make his usual 8 million potty breaks the first couple miles. I don’t know how to improve this for him. It really is a distraction for us runner. But again, I feel his pain. We have all had to go while running before, right?


Bowie and I unleashed a final kick up the parking lot from the trailhead to meet up with Tatum and Steven. It sounds like Tatum had a really good run. Everyone was super hungry so we hit up Taco John’s on the way home. (Not exactly healthy post-running nutrition there).

I think tonight is a cycling night and thank goodness for bike trainers because it is cold!




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