My inner John Wick.

This week has actually been the best “running” week I have had a in a long time. Maybe I am jixing it in saying that before I attempt a long run tomorrow, but I am really excited that I seem to be on an up swing. I cherich those whenever I have them.

I have ran 3 times this week! Wooo! Plus I will have a long bike and a long run this weekend. Not too shabby for me.


I got out the door later for my run last night. I knew I needed to eat a little dinner before I ran, so that was a delay. I did get my 3 easy miles in, and the kiddos came over to campus for a walk on my last couple laps. It was nice that they ventured out into the cold to give me some high-fives. It makes every lap a little better when you have your own cheer section. 🙂


This weekend will be my go-nogo decision, I think. If I get in 8 and don’t die, I will forge forward with the plan to run the Pi Day Half. If it is a total strugglebus, I will drop to the 5k. Either way, I will have an amzing little runner buddy to do the race with. And there is pie at the end, so WINNING. I already put in a request for a gluten-free pie!

Today is a rest day for me and it is also DATE NIGHT! So I totally have reason to be cheerful and happy today. I bought my John Wick 2img_2167 tickets for Alamo Drafthouse weeks ago. It is my very favorite theater, and John Wick is pretty much my favorite movie (if I had to pick just one). Have you ever been to a Alamo theater? They have nice cushy chairs lined up at a long table. You can order food and drinks while you watch the movie. And the best part is: no talking, no cell phones. They do have special quote-alongs, and do Rocky Horron on Saturday nights… But for new releases, you can enjoy your movie without someone talking and being obnoxious the entire time. Love it so much!



Happy weekend, friends! And happy long running!

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