When something feels wrong.

After truding along all day, I had to face my long run. I won’t lie. I am afraid of my long runs now. I really never know if I am going to be able to pull them out. It is a scary unknown for me every time. Some days, I can run. Some days, I struggle to put on my shoes. On Sunday, I was definitely not feeling it.

Atlas, Bowie and I headed out to the river trails rather late. We manaimg_2216ged to get in less than a mile before we needed to turn on our headlamps. (Well, in Bowie’s case, his knucklelights since he lost his headlamp last week). We were trucking along, with Atlas stopping to pee and poo every few minutes. (still annoying).

I am still trying to get Bowie oriented to how his half marathon will work. It is runs with alternating loops on the trails, and I want to be sure he understands the layout in case he misses a sign, or someone isn’t able to get him pointed in the right direction.

So Sunday we ran the race loop (in the standard runner’s direction), then we ran the short loop (in the opposite direction, which is the way bikes go). On race day, we will do a third loop in standard direction.


We actually started out on the second loop, when we got a little spooked by a car that had pulled into the parking lot. Something just felt weird about it, so a bit into the loop, we hiked it up to the levee and ran back to our car (avoiding having to go the the lower lot where the car was).

We grabbed a quick snack on the way home, and then finished out our mileage at the Baker campus. I ended with 8 miles. Bowie had 9+. Not too shabby.

Next long run, we will aim for 2 race loops (10 Miles).

So I don’t know what was up with the carimg_2217 in the parking lot. It was likely nothing and we were juts being paranoid. But Bowie and I both were spooked by it, and that was enough reason for me to change our plans. I think sometimes you need to listen to your own intuition. When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, maybe your body is trying to tell you something. I have not had that many scary incidents on the trail. A couple times I have come across “odd” people who made me feel uneasy. Typically, I think I am in more danger from animals than people. But I do believe it is good to play it safe. Hoping for easy (safe) miles this week!


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