Women’s products with weird names.

Last night was a boring workout… it is hard to get excited about riding your bike on the trainer. Inside. Going nowhere.


I did try out a new chamois cream called Hoo Ha Ride Glide. It is getting rave reviews from my fellow female triathletes, so I figured I would get it a whirl. I feel like I need to give it another try before giving a full review, but one thing I did find different from my Butt’r stuff that I had been using, was it felt kind of tingly. But not in a good way. It almost bordered on a burning sensation like I sometimes get from lotions with fragrances. But again, I will try it out again and report back.

Note: I am actually pretty adverse to products marketed toward my “hoo ha” or “boobies.” I just think it is sort of weird to use those terms. But again… I guess they wouldn’t want to get too clinical about it. So maybe “hoo ha ride glide” is a fine name for a product. If not a bit adult-porny-sounding. It sounds more like sex lube than a chafing product, yes?

Training feels pretty meh. I will attribute part of that to the winter blahs, but also to feeling like I am not making any progress in my battle against my autoimmune stuff. I feel the same. I mean. I could be enjoying bread and cookies and cake, and still be sick. Might as well just eat and be happy? Sigh. I will keep forging ahead and trying my very best to give my body the best shot at recovery. I have an appointment with my doctor next week, so I hope to get some feedback on where I am and what else we can do to get me moving.

I also have an appointment tonight with my sports med chiro guy. I have not seen Dr. Chad since spring 2015, when I got sick and my mileage nose-dived. But I am really needing some relief with my tight muscles. My legs have completely locked up a couple times while running and I just feel like I can take thee little steps to maybe get closer to feeling better. So yeah. Lots of Graston in my future, although I might decline on the dry needling.

What I would not give for a Dr. House to see me and figure out what is wrong with me. Sarcasm and hotness optional.


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