The things we do for our kids.

I had a rough week. It started OK, with running on Monday and Tuesday, but that gave way to a few days of extreme exhaustion, rendering me unable to push myself out the door for a run. I came home from work and went into a mini-coma.

On Saturday, the thought of running was still too much, so I did a spin on my bike trainer while watching a movie. I tolerate biking much more than running, so it felt like a decent compromise.

On Sunday, I knew I had to suck it up. I knew the effort would not be easy, but I knew that I had to make it happen. We have the half-marathon coming up, and at the very least, I needed to do this for Bowie. I wanted to give him every chance to have a good run that day. We headed out to the SLT Trail since I didn’t want to attempt technical trail. I ran Clinton on Tuesday and it was a hard effort. Nice flat pavement sounded really good. We picked up the trail at the arboretum and headed out to Clinton Lake. The sun was just beginning to set and it made for some really pretty views.


Half a mile in, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good run. Yet… I didn’t want to let Bowie down. Decisions… I knew the trail had really good visibility, and I would be able to see Bowie for a good distance. I gave him my water bottle, which had the car key in it, and told him to run ahead. I would take a few walking breaks and catch up to him at Sander’s Mound. Bowie took off and was just a ways in front of me when he needed a potty break. I kept chugging along and eventually he caught back up to me. We ended up at Sander’s Mound at the same time. I asked if he wanted to do a hill repeat, but he declined, so we headed back toward the arboretum.

On the way back, as the sky grew dark, I started to regret having left my windbreaker in the car. I was getting cold in my shorts and tshirt, so that kept me motivated to keep moving. Bowie beat me to the car by a minute or two.

I am really hoping I will be on an up-swing soon. I am still having highs and lows, but am hopeful that my body is quietly repairing itself, and I will be on the right path soon.

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