Kick it.

I must say that although my “torture” sessions with the chiropractor to work on my calves and quads are quite painful, I am making progress. After lots of ART stretching and Graston, and lots of teeth gritting, my legs felt better. I was able to sit with my legs folded under me, and my butt touched my heels. That is the benchmark of progress for me. My weekly visits will continue until I can get all this autoimmune under control. All the inflammation in my system is wreaking havoc on my muscles.

In keeping with my goal to always run right when I get home (because if I sit down, my fatigue will catch up and I won’t be able to get moving again), I got ready for a shorter / speedier run with Bowie. Since we needed a 3 miler, I decided the stretch of Flint Hills that runs out of Ottawa toward Rantul would be a good spot. The segment is exactly 3 miles and we’d hit a trailhead that we could be picked up at.

It was pitch black when we started but weather-wise, it felt great. We have been running in shorts all week! (Just in time for snow for our race on Saturday. Grr). Bowie was a little nervous about running in the dark. And to be fair, the Flint Hills trail is creepy at night. We picked up the pace a bit each mile. When we were at 2.5 miles, we could see the headlights in the distance. I started kicking at .25 to go and actually surprised myself that I passed Bowie and stayed out front. That never happens anymore. At the trailhead, I asked Bowie how he managed to get out-kicked by his old mom, and he told me he was just extra tired today. Fair enough.

Bowie has soccer practice on Thursday night, so I will do a last run by myself. We will take Friday off to rest our legs a bit, then come up with our race plan for Saturday morning’s half. Yay!

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