Gear Review: RoadID Wrist ID Elite

Oh, it is that special time where Midwest weather turns from freezing cold to burning sweaty hot in the course of a week. Also, the time where we drive our kids around to soccer and baseball practices, games, and tournaments, like we don’t have anything else better to do.

The three youngest boys are all playing sports right now, so that means I have to get a bit creative with my time. My runs seem to be getting later and later (vampire runner!). That also means that Bowie’s running slacks off a bit to accommodate his soccer schedule. We do have one trail race in his calendar in the next couple weeks. Bowie will be running the Skyline Shuffle 5k again (last year’s review here).

IMG_2863I get asked quite a bit about running gear for kids. Bowie is now able to wear women’s running shoes, which makes it much easier to find him trail shoes now. Little Tatum is still in kiddo shoes, so that is a challenge for sure. The boys make good use of my hydration packs (I will post about that with pictures a bit later). But something that they like calling their very own are RoadIDs. Bowie was so excited to get to pick his band color, and so proud when he got to start wearing it for runs.

I have heard some parents say they have their kids wear RoadIDs whenever they go shopping and such. We don’t take it quite that far, but Bowie does have his own for training and racing. I like knowing that if he goes off-course, or is injured, someone will be able to call me for help.

I am getting ready to order one for Tatum, and had a bit of fun soliciting mantras for his band on Twitter. I mean, he is 5 — that is something to have fun with! (I think we settled on “Adventure is out there!” from the movie Up!)

Anyway… back to RoadIDs.  I had a good collection of them going (5 or so), when RoadID offered to make me a snazzy new Wrist ID Elite bands. (Yay for products that you already love!). I snatched up the offer and picked out one of the Black Edition bands. So sexy and rugged, yes? I also picked out a triathlon badge to go along with it.

I went with pretty standard engraving… I included my name and hometown. I included my husband’s name and cell. Next, I included my penicillFullSizeRender (1)in allergy. (Any other allergy twins out there?) And finally… I selected a mantra. Now, I couldn’t really get my REAL race mantra on there, because it includes curse words. And that sort of thing is frowned upon in a normal office setting. So I went with another mantra I like, that has an acronym that many cyclists recognize: HTFU. If you are unfamiliar with this manta, you can study all the rules of cycling here.

RoadID made my new band and sent it to me in this really cool looking metal box. (My kids would call this “tight” or “dope.)

After getting over my initial fear of cutting down the band to fit my itty-bitty wrists, I was really happy with the fit. (My advice is just to snip off a bit at a time and keep test fitting it until you are happy.) Also, you do need to read the instructions. I couldn’t figure out how to get the gripper part that clenches down on the band at first. Once I read the instructions, I saw you need to use something to pry it open… Much easier when you actually do things the right way!



One thing I liked right away was the clasp. So easy to take this on and off without having to stretch the band over my hand. I haven’t noticed the silicone bands stretching out over time, but I am always paranoid that repeatedly taking my RoadID off and on would stretch them out.

I put my RoadID to good use right away. I tend to run and ride solo. (Well, sometimes I take a dog. But he isn’t great with working a cell phone in case of emergency.) So I hit the trail to test out the new black leather band. I am happy to report that I didn’t have a black ring around my sweaty wrist. I did note that they don’t recommend wearing the leather band for swimming (good thing I have the silicone ones on back-up), and they do recommend using a leather conditioner on the band every 6 months or so.

IMG_1104So there you go… A little bit of piece of mind for when you are training and racing. If you don’t already own a RoadID, I highly recommend getting one. If you already have one, the new Elite bands are really nice.

Disclaimer: I received a RoadID as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


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