When your new miracle medicine sucks.

I disappeared for awhile. I hemmed and hawed about what to write about. My training plan came crashing down. I put my coach on hiatus. I have spent the last month trying to muster up the energy to get out of bed.

I started a new medication last month that I was oh-so-hopeful that it would magically make me “ME” again. But in actuality, I spent the first couple weeks throwing up and surviving entirely on dry gluten-free toast and Sprite. I have been able to start tolerating bland foods lately, so I am hoping good stuff is on the way. I did lose some weight – but definitely not in a positive manner.

My new medicine is an injection that I do every morning in my abdomen. It is supposed to fix my insulin resistance. I am not the expert by any means, but I can say I do not have Type 2 diabetes, but insulin resistance related to my autoimmune issues. Maybe I can go off the injections someday? I hope. The autoimmune stuff is all inter-related with my Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, low ferritin, low Vitamin D, leaky gut, wheat allergy… It goes on. And it isn’t an awesome list. But I am doing my best to be a trooper and manage the obstacles as they come.

Back when I was hopeful that my racing form would return, I registered for a few races. The next race on my calendar is Hospital Hill Half. I entered the Re-Run option for a 5K Friday night and a half on Saturday morning. So, yeah. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. I am bummed because I love this course, and have PR’d on it before. My plan is to run the 5K, and if my body allows, I will drop to the 10K and be happy that I ran at all. Autoimmune is a bitch.

Given that I have not ran or rode in a month, I want to start easing my way back in a plan. A low-key plan. A simple “if I don’t feel like doing my workout tonight, no big deal” plan. I am thinking 3 milers and a slightly longer run over the weekend. Mix in some biking as well. Some swimming if I am feeling like getting crazy. I have some triathlons penciled in, and I am hoping this whole phase passes. (Can you call two years of hell a phase?)


On the upside, my little Bowie is really shining with his running. He took some time off for cyclocross and soccer, but he is back at it now. He had a great run at the Pi Day Half, where we dropped to the 5K due to weather. A couple weeks ago, he came in 5th male in the Skyline Shuffle 5K, and a PR. Last week, he beat that PR at a hot evening run called Ad Astra Summer 5K Series. (He finished 25 out of 100) runners).

Not too shabby without any training. I want to give Bowie the best shot at his goal race this fall, so I plan to get Bowie working with a kids track team this summer. When he is not a sprinter, I think track workouts will be beneficial to him.


Bowie at Bunker Hill, Clinton Lake – Lawrence, KS

He can put in his big miles with the Trail Hawks group runs, at least until mama is back at it. (Please be soon! I miss long runs! I miss speed! I miss the burning lungs!)


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