Curse words make you faster.

Let’s talk about something fun for a bit: Mantras.

Whether you use them to get through a tough training session, or to push for a PR at a race… most of us probably have a couple go-to phrases that we like to repeat to ourselves. I have a potty-mouth, which I censor for this blog, but for this post, be prepared to cringe.

The first one I use is for my race alarm on my phone. (Sometimes I even write it on my inner-arm in Sharpie as a reminder). “Let’s Fuck Shit Up.”







The story behind this mantra is that Shalane said this to Kara at the Olympic Marathon starting line in London. It resonated with me. If you are more PC, you might say, “Let’s Shake Things Up,” I suppose. But I like the aggressive version. It is like an on-switch for beast mode, yes?




Next up, I have a bracelet with “Relentless” engraved on it. (Which is a nod to my blog name). The other bracelet I have is a bit more edgy. “HTFU” which means “Harden the Fuck Up,” since I would feel awkward having curse words on my jewelry. I even wear this bracelet to work on days that I am struggling. (Lupus is a bitch.) It is my own little nudge to not give up. For cyclists, they are likely familiar with HTFU as one of “The Rules” from Velo. (They also brought us the fabulous equation n + 1, which can be applied to running shoes as well as bicycles.)


During the race, I have a lot of phrases going through my mind. One that is usually on repeat “Move Your Ass.” Tough love. It works for me anyways. I am a lot more supportive of my sons when they run, mind you. I tell them “Kick!” and “Dig!” and “Don’t You Give Up!” And Bowie sometimes gets a “Move Your Butt!” when he kicks at the end.

What mantras do you have?

2 thoughts on “Curse words make you faster.

  1. runeatralph says:

    I definitely have a sailor’s mouth at times, but being a father has given me the ability to turn it on and off on command. I have a mantra that I took from the crazy guy, Bill O’ Reilly. There’s an old rant of his where he gets really angry and says, “F— it! We’ll do it live!” I’ll usually just use the “do it live” part, unless I really mean it. 🙂


  2. 50in50marathonquest says:

    love this fun post! i think we all share some R rated mantras at one time or another…i certainly censor that stuff on my blog too…the HTFU bracelet is awesome – i came across that term in the triathlon communities, check out the Ironman Eminem video if you havent already…i like the ‘gotta pull this shit outta you’ line…and Beast Mode F-YEAH!


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