Planning my Runcation.

I have mentioned that I am signed up for Rock + Roll St. Louis on 10/15, and I am finally getting around to planning my time in St. Louis. I am working to balance having fun, yet not wearing myself out before the race. I tend to do that. A lot.

While I was researching running vacations, I also asked a few friends for recommendations on what to do in St. Louis… and also, what to do on a runcation in general. I have a couple friends who always seem to be jetting off to somewhere for a race, and figured I would get some pointers.

My friend, LaRisa, is doing Tulsa Run 10/28, which is around the same time I will be in St. Louis. That race sounds really fun – and this year is it’s 40th anniversary, so I am guessing the swag will be extra cool.

First up is considering what race you want to run. We all have different reasons for signing up for a race. Course? Location? BQ-rate? Weather? I factor in everything.


Start line in St. Louis

I think the most important factors for me in signing up for Rock and Roll St Louis was the race series and location. I have always wanted to do one of their races, and St. Louis is the closest race to KC. The swag for the races has always made me jealous. The medals?? YASSS.



As far as location goes, St. Louis will be an easy commute. Instead of driving, I plan to ride the Amtrak. I have never taken a train before and it seems like a fun idea. I won’t have to stress about driving out. I can just sit back and relax. And I plan to get there in plenty time to hit packet pick-up, eat, and get a good night’s rest.




I plan to stay at a hotel close to the course, and bonus: it has a view of the Arch! I like to stick close to the race so I don’t have to worry about a long drive over in the morning. Since I am riding the train out, I won’t have a car to get around.


In Tulsa, there are a lot of hotel options as well. LaRisa stayed in the Brady Arts District but added that Guthrie Green is nice as well.

One factor that Tulsa Run has going for it is the course. LaRisa had good things to say about the race course. The race seems inclusive of all ability levels as it includes 15K, 5K, and 2K, as well as a 15k/5k combo option. (Running the combo will get you an special ribbon to go with your medals).


LaRisa post-race in Tulsa

The Rock and Roll Half Marathon in St. Louis includes a 10k in addition to the 13.1, as well as a 5K the night before. Running the combo will earn you an extra medal. There are bands all along the course to keep you pumped.

Being out of town, there is a certain level of apprehension, maybe? You need to plan well and make sure you pack everything you might need. I always remind myself that I can purchase many supplies, if I forget them. But one year I did forget my water bottle and had to pick one up at the expo.

One they that can make you feel at home is hospitality from event staff. Smiling faces along the course. People jumping in to help you if you hit a bad spot. LaRisa said she had run the Tulsa Run twice before and said the race directors and volunteers were great. That definitely makes a difference with your race.


St. Louis course includes some amazing views

Something both races can boast about is their after-party. LaRisa said Tulsa’s a lot of fun. (A DJ and bounce houses!!) And although I haven’t done a R&R Race – I am really looking forward to partaking in all the post-race fun. The band Fastball is headlining!

Interested in signing up? Run with me by using   BIBRAVE15 which gives $15 off the Half, valid until 10/8. Run with LaRisa by using bibravetr for $5 off your race entry.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to Rock and Roll St. Louis race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”


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