Gear Review: Stunt Puppy collar

Disclaimer: I received an Go Dog Glow collar to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Atlas really does do all his own stunts. And now his usual happy face has some ouchies to heal up, but that I what happens when you are a StuntPuppy.

Let me back up a bit… Those who follow my running antics on Instagram or Twitter might have caught all the pictures I post of my trail buddies over the years. My distance and cold weather run buddy is Atlas. Atlas is a Great Pyrenees / black lab mix. He is a fluffy, curly-tailed bundle of energy. His long legs enable him to keep up with me effortlessly, and his double coat makes him #TeamWinter.


Not one for conversation, but great company!

Since I run trails, I always use a hands-free leash. I like to be able to catch myself if I fall. (Rather than use my face.) When I learned about StuntPuppy leashes, I ordered one. We LOVED it. I got so much use out of it. And then our dog, Maggie, chewed up the buckle. Not cool, Maggie! I ordered another one right away.

A couple things I love about the StuntPuppy leash is that the bungee is long enough to give us some space. Atlas isn’t tripping me up at all. Yet, the leash isn’t too long so if I need to step off the side of the trail for a bike, he is in arms reach.


He is a ladies man! Behaved dogs on leashes welcome!

I appreciate dog owners who keep their dogs on a leash. Not only is it the law here, it is just being a good trail steward. I don’t like being surprised by off-leash dogs who run up on me. Yeah, sure. Of course, your dog “doesn’t bite.” Until he does. Or he jumps on me in excitement and knocks me down on a pile of rocks. Or he doesn’t like other dogs and goes after my dog, who tries to run away and drags me along behind him

But I digress… I love StuntPuppy and have purchased a few leashes. When I was asked if I wanted to try out a collar, I jumped at the chance. The Go Dog Glo comes in a variety of collars, but we chose Orange. (Matches my Orange Mud hydration gear!) The Dry Collar matches Atlas’s leash perfectly. It even has a reflective strip to keep him very visible on the trail to other runners and cyclists.


Busy trail? Dog under control!

Atlas has a big head and fluffy, thick fur. The collar sized right down for a snug fit that didn’t tug on his fur. The buckle was easy to fasten without catching all his fur. The Duraflex buckles are rated to 225 pounds of dog-pulling-fury! I have had problems with collars popping off with a strong tug, but this one stayed put through our 4 weeks of test runs.

Just like the leash bungee, the collar was always strong enough to keep him from escaping. The collar was great at not slipping over his head if he made a sudden stop. Sometimes collars start to loosen over time, but this one stayed true-to-size so I didn’t have to stop and adjust it mid-run. The collars adjust from 14 – 21” inches, so there is a range to fit most large and medium-sized dogs.


Photo Courtesy of

There is plenty of space on the collar to add tags. I don’t put them on a running collar since I don’t care to hear the jingle-jangle, but just know that there is space if you choose. I am really confident that Atlas would return to me if he got loose, so dog tags are not much of a concern for me.

Finally, the collar is stinkproof and waterproof. When he got thec ollar muddy from rolling around , a quick rinse and it was as good as new. It even held out to a surprise thunderstorm. The collar didn’t lose shape, become too loose, or fall apart.


Photo Courtesy of StuntPuppy

Sound good? Use BIBRAVE917 for 20% your own StuntPuppy gear at!


Awww… You will be better soon, Atlas!

So why did I say Atlas does his own stunts? At the end of our test window (the weekend to do the up-close pictures of him collar), Atlas decided to try to escape from his kennel. He got his head stuck and roughed up is snout pretty good. Poor Atlas. He will be on the mend and back to running again soon. In the meantime, Auggie Doggie has been keeping me company.


August is on standby!

Atlas loves to run. StuntPuppy products make running with him so much more enjoyable when I don’t have to worry about equipment failure!

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