My name is Sarah Beth, but friends call me Puck. I am a mom of 5 boys. I never intended to be a runner… or a triathlete… I started running in the summer of 2012 for fun and fitness. It soon became my happy place and I found I loved the challenge of seeing how far and fast I could go.

One day, my friends took me out for a group run at Clinton North Shore Trails. I fell in love with trails and became a total dirt addict.

Shortly later while at the gym, I overheard someone talking about a local triathlon. I thought, “I can do that!” I quickly figured out that I didn’t really know how to swim. So I learned to swim, started buying ridiculous bikes, and it all took off from there.

Just when it seemed everything was going well, I got sick. Very sick.

Honestly, I am frustrated by what seems to be a long journey back to where I was. But I am determined and stubborn. (One might say relentless.) I will run long and get my shoes dirty again.

I am Dirty Relentless.