I am not being paid to say nice things – I just really like this stuff!


Skora Running

I own the entire collection, I think. But I really use a variety of shoes for training and racing. Phases are like my race flats. I use them for 5K and 10K races. Tempos for all my long runs and races 13.1 and up. Bases are my go-to for triathlon. The Velcro strap gets me on the run course fast. Fits I use for cross-training. Forms I use on technical trail and winter training. Core I use on middle distance training.

Pro Compression

Cutest compression socks ever. I like wearing them with running skirts! And of course, recovery.

Sennheiser Headphones

I have been through a lot of headphones and these are the ones I haven’t managed to break. I love that they wrap around my ears so if I catch the cord swinging my arm, they stay on.

Injinji Socks

These keep my toenails from fighting each other and prevent my feet from looking like a crime scene. My favorite socks for running.


I race in Oiselle Running apparel.  I do wear various brands for training and am happy to provide specifics on trail and cold weather gear! I have a lot of that! I really like Tough Girl Tutus, and Title Nine (which carries Oiselle, Patagonia, PrAna, etc.).

Sports Bras

I own a lot! And have done a lot of reviews. Moving Comfort seem to be my favorite!


I like Body Glide to keep me from getting hotspots!

Nutrition + Hydration

Watermelon Nuun + caramel Honey Stinger waffles

Hydration Packs

Orange Mud Endurance Vest for long; Orange Mud handheld for short.



My helmet of choice for trail and gravel riding. Very cute and the adjusters snug the helmet up to the perfect fit. The liner can be swapped out for a warmer winter one to keep my head warm!


My helmet of choice for road cycling and triathlon. Great fit and stays put.


Triathlon – Quintana Roo Dulce

Cyclocross – Focus Mraes Ax

Endurance / Gravel – Motobecane Phantom Cross Outlaw, Gravity Monster Zilla

Road – Motobecane Gigi Pro Comp and Dawes Sheila

Comfy Cruiser – Trek WSD

Hybrid – custom Schwinn Express Colorado Edition


I love these socks for biking and for every day. Super comfy. Good cushion. They don’t slip down. And really pretty colors!

Cycle and Triathlon Apparel

Coeur Sports all the way, baby! No angry kitty here! (I am currently obsessing over the Island Vibe kit!)



I have been through a lot of goggles and these don’t discolor or slip off my head.


Oiselle swimsuits – they fit great and are beautiful. These suits really do fit all body types and not just the skinny-minnies.


I currently swim in an Orca full-sleeve suit. Note; I do not like swimming in wetsuits!


I use Tyr caps and transition bags. The caps always match my kits, and manage to contain my very long hair. Also love all the compartments on the bags – I have bags for both training and racing.

Tri Glide

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion to keep chlorine from wrecking my hair and skin. Love it.

Wet Brush Pro

Only thing that takes the tangles out after a swim or rainy run.